PLAVO theatre is a theatrical laboratory which ideology is based on principles established by reformers of XX century theatre – Constantin Stanislavsky, Antonin Artaud, Jerzy Grotowski, Eugenio Barba and Odin Teatret, as well as Italian director Massimo Giannetti. Theatre which exists with the idea to serve theatre, not to be its servant, theatre which explores deeper levels of human communication, theatre which has the idea of moving boundaries of human perception, theatre which lives the utopia of reconciliation of anthropology and society, and theatre which presents a critical attitude – these are our basic premises. We are a group of people who, cherishing a seed of anarchism in ourselves, use theatre as a place which has credibility and in which some serious things about the world that surrounds us could be said. In the middle of our attention is man as a human being. Even an actor is a human being and afterwards an actor. Theatre is a place of human touch with life, not with its imitation.

PLAVO theatre was founded in 1995 in Belgrade. So far it realized 24 theatrical productions presented in many festivals in Serbia and abroad, over 200 educational projects for the youth, organized 7 international festivals and established cooperation with numerous partners in Serbia and internationally. In December 2015 PLAVO theatre celebrated 20 years of work and existence.

In its range PLAVO theatre has a wide spectrum of activities, divided in three basic categories:

  • Creation and presentation of theatrical performances based on laboratory work;
  • Theatrical pedagogy: education of all interested in researching approach to theatrical work with special emphasis on work with the youth and using of possibilities of laboratory theatre in civil society development in work with vulnerable groups;
  • International cooperation: organizing of international meetings and festivals, residential and educational projects for theatre artists.