Since its foundation in 1983 by the art director Siegmar Schröder in1983, actors, directors, and dramaturges of Theaterlabor Bielefeld have been working on  experiencing, exploring and presenting contemporary forms of theatre in all their facets in ever new and surprising ways for our audience. Between 1985 and 2000 Theaterlabor Bielefeld rented and renovated Theaterlabor its own theatre venue in Lerchenstraße in Eastern Bielefeld. During the first years after the foundation, a focus for the ensemble was being laid on physical, bodily expression. Inspired by Jerzy Grotowski, Eugenio Barba, the Commedia dell ‘Arte and Asian dance, Theaterlabor Bielefeld developed different modes of expression towards an intense, dynamic, and immediate theatrical language.

In 2000 Theaterlabor Bielefeld moved into its current location at TOR 6 of the former Dürkopp AG. In addition to performing in its own venue Theaterlabor Bielefeld also travels with its theatre productions. There are street theatre productions for different locations within our repertoire and we also develop place-bound and historically specific performances, for example, productions that deal with regional socio-cultural topics in innovative ways or performances for museums. In May 2013, Theaterlabor Bielefeld organized the Street Theatre Festival PLATZWECHSEL in Gütersloh which was rewarded “Star of the Week” by the local newspaper “Neue Westfälische”.

For 30 years Theaterlabor Bielefeld has been standing for expressive, cross-border, experimental theatre. We work across genres with different partners: Visual Artists design stage sets and props, musicians compose soundtracks and play live during the performance. For every play and every event Theaterlabor develops a specific, topic-oriented aesthetic. During the working process intense exchanges between all people involved take place so that every play arises from a communal effort – collective working is one of our goals.