Educational work of Theaterlabor with young female performers

Performance 3AM

Performers: Jana Glawe, Elisabeth Ebert, Gaye Mutluay, Lucienne Höbbel, Hannah Löwer, Marie Weber
Directing: Indira Heidemann
Set and costume: Ralf Bensel
Technique: Josha Vinke

A performance that dives into the structures of our dreams. Inspired by Strindberg’s prologue to “A dream play” 6 young women weave, solidify and dissolve the remains of their dreams. 

Anything can happen, anything is possible and likely. The laws of space and time have been abolished, reality only contributes a minor basis on which the imagination continues to create and weave new patterns. A mixture of memories, experiences, free inventions, inconsistencies, and improvisations.

Video of the performance 3 AM at the Youth Theatre Festival, Belgrade October 2, 2021