Jubilo is an international theatre group founded in 2011 in Wroclaw, Poland. The project’s core artistic team consists of actors and musicians from Italy and Poland. The starting point of Jubilo’s work is the need for artistic intervention against social exclusion within society. In the fabric of every community there are marginalized people living on the borders or invisibly within society, due to socio-economic exclusion, culture, race/ethnicity, or developmental disabilities. This marginalization leads to the breakdown of human relations, conflicts, and ultimately building of walls between different groups. Jubilo aims to disintegrate these barriers through the action of artistic encounters, where the platform of exchange is the theatrical language of body, voice and music.

The work of Jubilo is deeply rooted in the branch of so-called research theatre. Within this spectrum, elements like movement, music and songs play a crucial role, as they are the tools with which Jubilo’s artists build the working frame around the group of reference. The work of the company, takes an alternative path away from the stigma associated with therapy and social work. Rather, through the mutual act of an artistic meeting between two human beings, we seek to open a space for seeds to blossom and the individual’s creative voice to arise.

Since its inception in 2011, Jubilo has worked with organizations both in Poland and abroad. The company has been working with, among others, Polish and Roma youth, young adults with developmental disabilities, adults with mental illness experience, homeless people, prisoners, refugees. The company’s work involves public sharing of its practice, which has included performances, work demonstrations, seminars, documentary films, and artistic exhibitions of photography and fine art.