Intimate Theater is an independent theater group, established in February 2010 in Bitola, Macedonia. So far in the theater, eight professional theater plays have been produced and performed in various locations in Bitola and Skopje, such as coffee bars, abandoned factory facilities and other urban spaces. Since October 2013, the Intimate Theater has its own theatrical space in Bitola, within the premises of a boutique hotel “Hotel Theater”. An audience of sixty people can be accommodated in the theater. The theater has a regular repertoire. The main goal of Intimate Theater is to present texts from contemporary authors, which address social problems and anomalies in society and who analyze the life of the modern citizen. Very often our plays are built upon documentary materials collected on specific topics, and also in our productions we invite people who are not professional actors and have life experiences that we want to be shared on the stage.

For the previous three years, within the Intimate Theater, a Youth Scene actively operates, with active involvement of a dozen young people aged 15 to 22. These young actors develop their own writing about their lives in the framework of global capitalism and how this era of money reflects upon them.

Also for two years, in Intimate Theater, operates a theater school where we provide theatrical education for children from 5 to 15 years of age. In our process of theater education, we use methods by which we develop the fantasy of children, their motor skills and coordination, we enhance working in a group. We teach them to create inventive situations and to invent specific characters. We stimulate them to recognize conflict and to be able to work in given circumstances; we enable our students to become creative, inventive and socially-lit young actors.