Intimen Theatre worked with a group of girls 14-18 years old on a performance “Tiramisu”.


Performance – presentation of Intimen Theatre work with young people

Performers: Katja Zlatevska, Ksenija Mano, Ilijana Pitoshka, Nina Trokovska, Andrea Nikolovska, Angela Karamandi, Angela Atanasovska
Directing: Sofia Ristevska Petrusheva
Assistant director: Valenin Damchevski

The performance Tiramisu, by the polish playwright Joanna Ovshanko, is a story about seven young women who are working in an advertising agency. Their will for career development is extremely strong, so we can see how they are committed professionals in their work, but also we can very clearly notice how their personal life is suffering greatly.

All of them have a hidden story from their past, which is influencing their present life, and we can see how these young, professional, hardworking, ambitious women are actually very fragile, and emotional human beings. 

Tiramisu is a performance about the secrets and emotional issues that we all have, but we are trying to hide them because the career is the most important thing in these times of liberal capitalism. Mental health or financial stability is the main topic in our performance.

Video recording of the performance Tiramisu